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Traditional braces

Traditional braces

A trusted way to straighten your smile

Traditional braces are the age-old way to straighten teeth and have been used for decades. At Taree Orthodontics, they remain one of our preferred treatment methods because they get results. 

How do braces work?

Traditional metal braces straighten teeth by applying constant pressure throughout treatment. Each tooth is fitted with a bracket which holds the archwire in place with the help of a ligature (elastic band). The archwire is tightened each time you visit the orthodontist. Throughout the course of your treatment, these minor adjustments help move your teeth into position, giving you the smile you’ve been aiming for. 

What types of problems can braces fix?

Traditional metal braces are used for all types of orthodontic cases, but are particularly effective for patients with severe malocclusion (bad bites) or for those with difficult-to-treat crookedness.

For example, if you have teeth which are overlapping or erupting too high in the gum line, traditional braces enable your orthodontist to change the position of your archwire, thus helping to bring your teeth down into alignment and straighten out virtually any problem. 

  • Traditional braces
  • Traditional braces
  • Traditional braces

Braces for teens

Although the adolescence years can be a slightly awkward time, orthodontics during this period of a young person’s life is extremely beneficial as it reduces the risk of requiring treatment later in life.

Metal braces are very effective for teens who want a straighter smile and can be customised too. Different coloured elastic bands allow your child to have fun while receiving treatment. At Taree Orthodontics, we treat a lot of children and teens using metal braces and Invisalign Teen

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Life with braces

Advances in orthodontic technology means life doesn’t have to stop if you’re wearing braces. However, you will need to make a few minor changes, mainly with your diet. Hard foods, such as apples and carrots can still be eaten, but it’s best to cut them up. Meanwhile, sticky sweets such as toffees should be avoided as should things like chewing gum and popcorn.

While wearing braces, it’s also important you clean your teeth carefully as it’s easier for food debris to become stuck in the brackets. This can increase your risk of plaque build-up, but we’ll advise you on how to care for your braces once they’ve been fitted.

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Types of braces - Metal (Generic) Braces

Types of braces - Metal (Generic) Braces

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