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Suresmile is a revolutionary technology that enables orthodontists to plan a patient’s treatment to one tenth of a millimetre. This means, teeth aren’t just moved effectively but precisely.

How does Suresmile work?

Before treatment begins we will take a CT scan of your face, jaw and teeth. This enables us to see the roots of your teeth, not just the crowns above the gums, which is important for ongoing functionality and the longevity of your results. We can then digitise these images and create a 3D model using Suresmile on which to base your treatment plan. This allows us to place your teeth in the optimal position with the best facial and smile results.

  • SureSmile
  • SureSmile
  • SureSmile

How is Suresmile different to conventional braces?

In conventional treatment an orthodontist will bend the archwires manually with plyers. With Suresmile all of the wires are bent using a robotic system which enables pinpoint accuracy down to one tenth of a millimetre. The bends in the wires are planned digitally and are then programmed before being completed by the robotic system.

Benefits of Suresmile

  • View your predicted outcome digitally
  • Less treatment time which means less calcification and discolouration after treatment
  • Precise tooth movement
  • Better outcome quality
  • Less treatment time for patients

Patients who undergo orthodontics with Suresmile have a reduced treatment time of eight months on average when compared to traditional braces. You also won’t need to visit your orthodontist as often because the adjustment of the archwires is digitally managed.

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